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Sound control through woodcraft

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Let your projects come true

Acousystem helps our customers to give shape and color to their ideas of comfortable and pleasant living environments.

Our range of products can give the sensation of  warm surfaces, which also allows light management, sound control and reverberation reduction.

The final result will be an original  project made real, thanks to our experience and woodcrafting skills.

Excellence in sound absorption

materials and products to ensure you the right solution to insulation and maximum sound-absorbing power in any environment.

Versatility in

Multicolor solutions

and functional shapes,

tailored and created for any type of project.

Wide choice of finishes

Acousystem offers a wide range of finishes to customize the design of the product an fullfill any architectural need


Acousystem always manufactures its products with constant research of quality and respect for nature.


Acousystem is a line of wooden acoustic products for false ceilings and coverings.

Result of many years of experience in the architectural acoustics field, combined with the know-how on woodcrafting techniques, obtained in over 40 years by the company Rg2.

Rg2 has always been involved in the search of new solutions and materials to be used in the furniture business field, our organization and technologial equipments allow us to satisfy every need, from the single element to the complete piece of furniture, with the the quality and service that has always distinguished us among our



We are proud of our numbers


Years of experience


Business Partners

+ 15k

Products installed

We seek perfection
in every single detail

Acousystem MDF sound absorbing panels seek quality with respect to nature.

The certification mark FSC ® guarantees that the product has been made with raw materials obtained from responsible trees growt management in specific forests, according to rigorous environmental, social and

economic standards.

FSC extension® C161164

By purchasing this product, you are helping to save the forests of our beautiful planet.

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